Exercise / Fitness

Player stepping on soccer ballOur legs are designed to support pain-free movement, but after an injury or surgery, the weight of our own bodies can hamper the recovery process. The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, available at several Atlantic Rehabilitation locations, can help you regain your mobility faster without the discomfort. It uses N.A.S.A. differential air pressure technology, which simulates a reduced gravity environment, so you can walk or run without putting extra strain on your joints and muscles. Watch a video to learn more >

Exercise/Fitness Programs and Screenings

Education and prevention can keep you and your loved ones healthy. We invite you to take advantage of the programs, support groups and screenings available. Adults 65 and older who are looking to stay well with age may benefit from events labeled “New Vitality.”

New Vitality:Shake It Up
Older adults can learn low impact, low intensity exercises that focus on improving stamina, flexibility, balance and strength.
Mondays and Thursdays, 2:00 to 3:15pm
Hackettstown Medical Arts Building, Center for Healthier Living
108 Bilby Road, Suite 101, Hackettstown, NJ
Please call 1-844-472-8499 for pricing and availability.
“Move Right” Program
This comprehensive medical fitness program is designed for families and adults with obesity, diabetes or hypertension. 
Hackettstown Medical Center, Rehabilitation Department
For more information and to make an appointment, please call 908-441-1348.

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